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Fee Structure

Redshift is a full-service digital agency with an established network of talented creatives and a disturbingly clever technical team. Our fee structure is simple. We値l talk to you about your project (free), we値l help you define a brief (free) we値l give you honest, genuine advice (free) and a fixed price for the job (free) and then we let you decide in your own time (also free).


Redshift was founded on an honest, affordable fee structure and we値l be the first to tell you we are not the cheapest you値l find. There will always be someone out there willing to have a go at building your website or designing your new brochure in exchange for a few beers. We tend to work with ambitious enterprises that believe in their brand and value their company痴 image. Design is an investment and needs to be invested in wisely.

We may not be the cheapest but we are confident that we are the best value for money. We know this because we regularly do work for other creative agencies in Bristol and Bath who charge a premium and hold us under strict non-disclosure agreements. But don稚 worry, were not jumping ship to Bristol, despite some requests we like Weston, the sea air keeps things fresh and the cheap rent keeps us competitive.

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