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FiRecontrol was a Government project to amalgamate the existing 46 regional Fire and rescue control centres nationwide into 9 ‘super’ centres linked using new technology developed alongside FiRecontrol. We were proud to be asked to produce a DVD to explain the main advantages of the project to the frontline personnel, the Firefighters themselves.


The result was a five part HD training video that allowed Firefighters to see the new control centres for the first time, hear genuine feedback from their counterparts in regions that were already using elements of the technology, and discover how the changes would effect them, whether they be full time or retained.

The shoot took us across the country, from Durham to Wales, London to Preston and even involved one of our team going through rigourous fire training in order to get those all important action shots!

Unfortunately, a change in Government led to the FiRecontrol project being scrapped shortly before full launch, but we are very proud of the work we produced and the feedback that we received from firefighters across the country.

We met many incredible people whilst working on the this project who risk their lives on a daily basis. If you are interested in supporting our nations Fire service then please visit:

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