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The beginning...

Redshift started out as a collaboration between a frustrated graphic designer and an out of work film director. Despite beginning as a series of small on-the-side projects for local businesses, Redshift started to grow as our reputation for affordable, effective design spread.


The strategic merger with the highly regarded web design agency, Hillman Online, launched Redshift into the full service design agency it is today. Our reputation and client list grew. We started winning national and international accounts from as far away as Beijing (don’t ask, we’re still not sure ourselves!) on the strength of our reputation. Our team has grown (and shrunk and grown again) and now Redshift is the perfect mix of talented creatives and disturbingly clever technical ‘geeks’ (can we say ‘geeks’? Sorry guys!). But don’t worry we haven’t forgotten how to communicate with the outside world – we count a lot of our clients as friends (we certainly speak to some of them more often than our friends - Dave, Jo,Andy and Ken, that means you!)

Despite our credentials and high profile clients we still love working with ambitious entrepreneurs and forward thinking local businesses. We genuinely like to get to know our clients, and their business, so we can deliver relevant, yet engaging and intuitive design, which makes a measurable difference. We love our blue chip clients, but we need our regular fix of un-stifled creativity and genuine appreciation that you often only get from independent enterprises.

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